My latest projects

2019-12-16: Very soon, there will be a site going live here: Året der gik - Skive Kommune. It's a website telling inspiring and good stories for the municipality of Skive. It has been developed alongside Twentyfive & Thirty.

2019-09-16: This site just went live: Er du for sød?. It's a website for a campaign that's trying to get children to eat less sugar and unhealthy stuff. It's been a privilege to work alongside FRIDAY and Peter Folkmar on this project.

2019-08-25: This site just went live: Assembly Design - Graphic Designers Copenhagen. It's a website for a really cool and inspiring graphic design studio in Copenhagen.

Other things you should check out

2019-11-26 - This Podcast is definitely worth checking out:
It's a Podcast (in danish) going through what happens in the news, - but where it's being put into context. The history up to the event(s) is/are explained, which I absolutely love. Give it a listen. At at least, give their Facebook-page a like:

2019-10-15 - This workshop sounds really cool:
Hack your design process. This workshop is all about ways to break with our design habits by imagining what it could mean to engage with our design tools and a design process physically. Participants will learn how to interact with their computer through physical activity, without the use of a mouse or keyboard. The goal is to design a physical publication using only your face and body. No prior knowledge required, but bring a laptop.⠀

Read more about it here. Buy tickets for it here.

2019-09-24: Do you like design? Then check this out: POST Design Festival - Copenhagen, October 23-26 at Enigma in Copenhagen. The guys behind it are some hard-hitting fellows!

More website is on the way...