Løntoft Plastikkirurg - Løntoft Plastic Surgeon

Løntoft Plastic Surgeon is a competent and skilled plastic surgeon, with address in the middle of Odense. What struck me about this client was their ethical and honest approach to their field.

They are widely know for performing almost all of their operations with local anesthetic.

Løntoft Plastikkirurg Visit Løntoft Plastic Surgeons's website here

Algedræberen - The Algae Killer

Peter from The Algae Killer has a really active way of doing business. No one will ever claim him for being afraid of starting something new.

When Peter took over the company, 150 clients had paid for services (to the previous owner) that they hadn't received. But Peter serviced all 150 of them without payment. And only 2 of the 150 aren't customers anymore (written jan 2018). I find that impressive.

It was a pleasure making this website with Peter.

Algedræberen Visit The Algae Killer's website here

Finn Odderskov - Jazz Musician

Yeah, - the lastname gives this one away. It's my dear jazz-jamming uncle. He's extremely talented and has a huge network of musicians, so he can collect pretty much any constellation that you're after.

Finn Odderskov Visit Finn Odderskov's website here

Lyø Beach Camp

Lyø Beach Camp is a company founded by the legendary Lyø-brothers (Peter and Thomas). The company arranges beach volleyball camps in different parts of the world. I've attended several of these - and they're an absolut blast to participate in.

Lyø Beach Camp Visit Lyø Beach Camp's website here

OBVK - Odense Beachvolley Club

OBVK is a dynamic and new-thinking club, located in Odense, Denmark. The board of the club is an intelligent bunch, trying to skate to where the puck is going, and not where it is. And the majority of the players in the club has and shows a deep-felt passion for the sport and the club.

OBVK Visit Odense Beachvolleyklub's website here

Sylvest Varebiler - Sylvest Vans

Sylvest Vans is a family business, selling vans (primarily for businesses). It is run by Jesper and Anders Sylvest (father and son). They bring a excellent balance to the company, which creates a good foundation for a business.

This page was developed alongside Berit Vandsø from Idebureauet (

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