Zeth Odderskov

Born in 1989, studies computer science and loves to work!

Education and certification

  • 2016-(2019)

    Bachelor, Computer Science

    The University in Bergen

    I started studying computer science in August 2016. I chose to move to Bergen, Norway (from Denmark) hoping to learn something extra by experiencing a different culture.

  • 2011 to 2013

    90 ECTS, Computer Science

    University of Southern Denmark

    I studied computer science previously - and completed half of the degree on the University of Southern Denmark. I chose to pause the studies to chase a sports-dream, well-knowing that I would complete the degree at a later time.

  • 2013

    Master Practitioner in The Enneagram and NLP

    OLL house of Education (OLL Uddannelseshus)

    This degree is a HR-degree, specializing in learning and dealing with people and 'what makes us tick'. The degree has given med a good eye for understanding others and what drives and motivates them.

  • 2011 & 2012

    Course in sales and sales psychology

    Connection Management A/S

    Connection Management offers courses and degrees with focus on sales and management. I took two of these courses, which gave me a really good insight into some tools and techniques, when it comes to sales and dealing with customers.

IT and Webdesign


Joy from work


I have left out smaller or irrelevant positions. If you'd like a full list of previous position, then send me an email (see the bottom of this page).

  • Aug 2013
    Aug 2016

    IT Supporter, MSS Professional A/S

    MSS Professional was a really exciting place to work. An active and progress-oriented management, who without a doubt wanted to grow and expand the company. The job demanded both technical skills, but also handling of difficult and time-limited situations. MSS Professional A/S taught me a lot!

  • Apr 2011
    Aug 2016

    Designer and technician, Loop Webdesign

    I started my own company in 2011 called Loop Webdesign. I made IT-solutions to small and medium-sized companies. My job at Media Heroes had given me a really good foundation for building online applications - and in spite of a long search, then I couldn't find anything that came close to the quality that I had been used to. And this was why I started my own company. When I look back at it now, then I consider it ambitious and bold to do what I did, - but I have learned a lot from it. You can read more here: http://loopwebdesign.dk.

  • Sep 2010
    Mar 2011

    Webdesigner, Media Heroes

    Media Heroes gave me my first skills working with IT, programming and development. It was an excellent place to work and I owe Alistair (the CEO) a massive pint if/when I see him.

  • Sep 2009
    Mar 2010

    Bartender, The Dublin Hotel

    As a bartender at The Dublin Hotel I experienced the strength of working with people, that you also spent time with outside work. The high team-spirit encouraged everyone to put in an extra effort. And that environment should mostly be credited to The Dublin Hotel.


(Translated from danish): Zeth is upbeat, competent, professional and socially skilled. We'll gladly hire Zeth again.

Nick Bigler, CEO of MSS Professional A/S

(Translated from danish): Zeth have a fresh, happy and innovative personality that rubs off on people around him. Odense Beach Volleyball Club have enjoyed having him and know that he is as big an asset to an employer as he was as a volunteer at our organization.

Bent Juhler, CEO of Odense Beach Volleyball Club

Zeth is hard working and a fast learner and applies himself well. He approaches learning with a great deal of vigour and enthusiasm and puts in considerable amounts of his own time to ensure he can master new tasks quickly. He was a very positive influence on the business culture of our organisation and works well within a team environment while bringing his own flavour of fun and positivity.

Alistair Roberts, Owner of Media Heroes

Zeth is an extremely competent worker in a team and as an individual, he is a trustworthy and conscientious worker who brings an upbeat attitude to his work and is always looking to extend his knowledge of our venue and the industry.

Zeth will be an absolute asset to your business and will be sorely missed by the management and employees of The Dublin Hotel.

David Foy, Venue Manager at The Dublin Hotel


  • 5056, Bergen
  • zethodderskov@gmail.com
  • (+47) 4694 9258

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